Packing for a trip by gabe zangakis

Sleep system:

- All-weather tent/hammock/shelter. No oversized tents as ground space is limited.

- Temperature appropriate sleeping bag

- Sleeping pad to insulate from the ground

- Pillow


- Stove

- Cookware

- Camping soup mug

- Carabiner camping mug

- Eating utensils

- knife

- Lighter

- Matches or lighter

Food (BYO Food Style):

- Local grocery stores included in email

- Backpacker type meals: ramen, oatmeal, granola, etc. 


- Bottles of water will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. 

- A water filtration or purification system can be used on the river's water if you're feeling particularly rugged. 


- Rain gear. For riding and in camp. 

- Cold weather clothing. Predicted lows of ~60 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you are warm at night.

- Extra clothes in dry bag as spare if you get wet. 

- Swimsuit

- Gloves

- Hat for nighttime 

- Riding boots

- Camp shoes/sandals


- Hand sanitizer

- Toothbrush

- Toilet paper. There are porta-potties on site. 

- Zip-lock bags

- Dental floss

- Deodorant

- Wet wipes

First aid kit:

- Insect repellent 

- Sun protection

- Bandaids

- Medications needed

- Ear plugs are useful


- Cash. There will be no ATMs on site.

- Headlamp or Flashlight

- Multi tool, knife

- Portable battery to charge electronics

- Camp chairs/stools

- Waterproof bags

- Motorcycle tool roll

- Daytime and nighttime riding glasses or visor

- Sewing kit

- Motorcycle rain cover

Spark & Lever, the Campground and all of its Affiliates are NOT responsible for injuries to any person, damage to personal property or lost items.